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Do you have a question for Lamin-8? Or would you like to receive a quote on your project? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 1 business day. Fill out as much information as possible for accuracy.


File Upload Preperation Tips: We accept Press-Ready PDFs, TIFF & JPG image files. Your files may also be compressed/zipped. Please make sure your TIFF and JPG files are at least 150dpi at full size or 300dpi at 1/2 size. This ensures a high resolution print. Please also ensure that you flatten your files in Photoshop before sending. If using Illustrator please outline your fonts. The file limit is 1GB, however the larger the file the longer it will take to upload.


How should I prep my files?
- Large Format: 13”x19” or larger PDF / TIFF / EPS - Crops and Bleeds Optional
** For Dye Cutting – Illustrator [AI] Vector art is required **
- Small Format: 12”x18” or smaller PDF Files only – 100% Scale (single sheets – no multiple up files)
** Crop Marks and Bleed information required **

What is Bleed?
Bleed is the continuation of images, text and graphics which run past the the final trim size of the artwork. This is to ensure when the printed work is trimmed to the required size there is wiggle room for the cut blade to go a little outside or a little inside the crops due to mild shifting and skewing during the print process and achieve the proper results. Printed work cannot be cut on the exact edge of the final size required. ¼ “ bleed is required on all supplied artwork.

How do I give my files to you?
We accept emails, USB key and uploads from this page. WeTransfer is another accepted option (Free use accepts up to 2GB of data)

How do I send bulk files?
Place all files required for submission in to a properly named folder. Compress [ “ZIP” ] that folder and upload it here or via WeTransfer

How big can I print?
We can accommodate up to 64” wide based on the printer and material. For specific sizes on our variety of substrates please call to confirm we can accommodate.

I don't live in Toronto, can I still use your services?
Yes. Please contact us regarding available options and restrictions before submitting your order.

I don't have a CD/DVD reader on my computer, what do I do?
CDs and DVD are becoming relatively obsolete with numerous digital transfer options now available. Files can be uploaded and downloaded faster and more efficiently than burning and physically bringing in files.