About Lamin-8 Services Page

Your printing and laminating services specialists

Lamin-8 Services Inc. offers a wide array of printing and laminating solutions to fit your business needs. Since 1985, we have provided expert results on printing, mounting and finishing assignments. Lamin-8 is commited to excellence and a strict quality control program. Our reputation in the community is unparalleled and we are committed to providing you with the best service and quality possible at competitive prices.

We work with a range of commercial & retail customers to meet their printing, mounting and finishing requirements, such as:

Commercial Printers
Graphic Designers
Architect Services
Schools & Students
Document Service Centers
Commercial Graphics & Image Service Providers
Professional Photographers, Artists & Galleries

Our staff has a high level of expertise dealing with a wide range of projects and will guide you through the steps necessary to successfully execute your vision. Our showroom includes a vast range of substrate samples that can help you visualize what solution works best for your project.

Please visit the Contact Us page to request a quote or call us at 416-977-4422.