High quality lamination services - small and large format lamination, encapsulation and pouch laminating

Polyester film is applied to both sides of a paper sheet as it is fed through heated rollers. The heat activates the adhesive and bonds the film to the paper. The finished piece has a sealed lip of film around the sheets edges which provide durability. Adhesion of film can be risky in areas of heavy ink coverage, however with our complimentary testing, we ensure a good result for the final product.

SMALL SIZE lamination

Items up to 17" wide & lengths within reason
Great for: Event passes | Counter cards | Phone lists | Internal documents | Menus | Placemats

LARGE SIZE lamination

Items up to 60" wide & lengths within reason
Great for: Banners | Maps | Charts | Event Posters | Calendars | Project Charts


Gauges: 3mil | 5mil | 10mil
Finish: Gloss | Matte
Finishing Options: Trimming | Hole Punching | Corner Rounding


TRIMMING: If you have a large quantity of sheets with multiple documents up on a page, we can trim them for you before or after encapsulation.

HOLE PUNCHING: After encapsulating, this feature is often used to allow for wearing of badges, name tags, passes, etc. We also offer lanyards for sale to accompany this service.

CORNER ROUNDING: After encapsulation, corner rounding produces a more refined finished product. The standard rounding options are 1/8" and 1/4".


Pouch Laminating offers a heavy two-sided lamination, seals and protects your small printed insert. We stock eight sizes and we can produce specialised orders. Lanyards, luggage tag straps and badge clips are all kept in stock.

Pouch laminating ideal for:

ID Badges
All-Access Passes
Business Cards
Luggage Tags
Telephone Lists
Reference Cards