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This hanging apparatus is a great way to create a stunning display at an affordable price when compared to traditional framing. Typically, after printing, the image is face mounted to acrylic and a clear acrylic border remains on the edge to which the wall hanging brass hardware is attached. This display method is often used in hospitals, museums, etc.


Whether it is foam or masonite, we offer contour cutting to give your display that special kick. After contour cutting a life sized shape on foamcore, typically an oversized easel is affixed to the back for standing.


Easels can be affixed to mounted prints, from 8" x 10" to oversized lifesize figures. We also offer counter cards where your print is encapsulated with 10 mil film and an easel is placed on the back for free standing on a counter or display.


Grommets can be inserted in a banner, encapsulated print and some mounted substrates.


Corner rounding can also be used on substrates to dull the corners preventing scratches or injury. Whether it is acrylic or dibond, corner rounding will allow you to hang a piece on the wall without having to worry about sharp corners.


With our precise digitally controlled die-cutting system we can cut a variety of substrates with precision and ease creating contour shapes such as, round corners, holes, score and kiss-cut to produce unique prints and designs. Unlike traditional die-cutting, no die block is required - just supply a vector cutting line in your digital file and add target marks outside the image before printing.

Digital die cutting is available in all sizes from small stickers to 4ft x 8ft and larger!

Materials that can be die-cut:

- Self Adhesive Vinyl
- Cardstock
- Gatorboard & Foamcore
- Sintra & Styrene
- Coroplast
- Corrugated Card

This service can add an unique touch to your product and is ideal for various printed items such as:

- Logo Signs
- Business Cards
- Stickers
- Standees
- Packaging Prototypes
- Floor Graphics
- Ceiling/Display Danglers