Advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract both new customers, and loyal ones who will revisit your business time and again. A banner stand is a simple but proven method of advertising that is attention grabbing, versatile, long lasting, and simple to set up. Our high quality vinyl banners are custom printed to your specifications and will help you draw clientele to your location, be it outside of your shop door, street side, or mounted on one of our sturdy stands at a trade show or conference. Because of the types of mounting aids we offer, your banner can be as unique as your business.


Our banner stands, also known as roll up banners or retractable banners, are light weight enough to be hand carried, which eliminates the high cost of trade show labour. They are a self contained display devices that allow for set-up and taken down in minutes, making them ideal for trade show exhibits or presentations or used as POP's.

A banner stand can be your first point of contact with a customer, and it needs to make a great first impression. Signage that doesn’t grab attention or isn’t interesting or doesn’t make a point quickly enough can have people walking away instead of lining up at your counter. The attention of potential customers can be grabbed when your advertising is vivid and simple to understand. Professional advertising lets customers know that you’re serious about your business. A great banner draws people in from a distance, so it needs to be big enough to get noticed but lightweight enough that it can easily and simply be set up and taken down.


Great for transport and getting your message across, you pop-up banners are a great tool for any business!

Our retractable banners are for use with our sturdy banner stand. The banner sets up in the stand quickly, allowing you more time to chat with customers and less time getting ready. The stands are lightweight so that you can avoid high labour costs; one person can easily manage it by hand carrying. The whole package is easily portable from place to place, and we include a handy carrying case! The 33.5” x 85” viewing area means that your banners are capable of being noticed from a distance, and gives you plenty of room to customize your advertising details.


Vinyl banners have a variety of uses and applications, such as billboards, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners as well as stadium flags. Vinyl banner displays offer a variety of benefits and options.

Our vinyl banners are very durable and will stand up to inclement weather. They’re moisture resistant so a rainy day won’t put a damper on their ability to grab attention! We sell two styles of banners; a retractable vinyl banner and standard vinyl banner.

Our standard vinyl banners are great for use on the front of a table, street side, as a stadium flag, on a building, wall, or just about any surface you require. They’re stand up to indoor or outdoor use, making them very versatile depending on where you need to be. Our standard banners can be customized up to 59” wide, and we’ll make them any reasonable length to accommodate your business advertising needs.

Depending on how you’re using your banner, we also have the following applications available to you; grommets, pole pockets, dowels, hanging clips and stitched hems. It’s easy to alter your banner to accommodate almost any type of surface or hanging method.

Give us a call for all of your display banner needs; our professional staff will ensure that your banner does justice to your business.